At Children's Choice Initiative, we use the Orton-Gillingham method of teaching.  Our Trainers have been using this method for over 15 years, and have consistently achieved a 92.4 success rate in bringing students from below grade reading levels to at or above grade reading levels.

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We provide 42 hours of teacher training, which consists of 3 full days initially, and then followed up with 3 additional days of training, and 6-10 teacher observations with feedback as they perform lessons.  Ongoing communication via email, phone calls, and on-site visits, also provided.

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You will be provided with the tools you need to introduce this exciting multi-sensory method of teaching reading.  Each teacher that is trained will receive their own set of tools and resources.  You will also have unlimited access to our resource upgrades as they become available.

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Connecting The Dots...

At Children's Choice Initiative, we are consistently striving to spark the flame of learning in every child, and unlock their unlimited potential through reading. Most educators are readers, and often times face challenges in connecting with children who are not readers.

At Children's Choice Initiative, our aim is to assist the educator in their ability to tap into the intelligent minds of those students who are not natural born readers... those readers who struggle with the traditional reading models, but seem to come alive with the multi-sensory, sequential, and systematic approach made popular in many Dyslexia Centers.

Next Steps...

The mind of a Child is the most important canvas we as educators will ever have the privilege of painting upon...we dare not waste one stroke of the brush...