Real Results...

It begins with a student who’s LSW (Letter, Sound, Word) assessment goes from 17 to 100 in 60 days.  It doesn’t end there… it continues with a classroom who’s average LSW was around 40 in September and progressed to 101 out of 106 in November.  These accelerated levels of letter, sound, word recognition are no accident!  They are real results, achieved in a real classroom, by real teachers utilizing the multi-sensory structured reading techniques that they have been trained in.  This training was provided by Children’s Choice Initiative.

Training Teachers to Teach Structured Language

Senior Staff

Nancy Williams

Nancy Williams is Lead Trainer and Director of Children’s Choice Initiative. She has also been very involved in Curriculum Development and is the Director of the Great Lakes Bay Region Children’s Dyslexia Center, which she has been for the past 5 years.  She has logged over 10,000 hours of tutoring and training and is an advanced certified trainer in multi-sensory, structured, sequential language instruction. She earned her master’s degree as a Reading Specialist at Mary Grove College, and her bachelor’s degree in Special Education at Michigan State.

Sherry Dillbeck

Sherry is a Trainer at Children’s Choice Initiative, and a Tutor/Trainer at the Great Lakes Bay Area Children’s Dyslexia Center where she has been since 2005. She has also worked as Director of Testing at Midland Academy and has more than 2000 hours as a Tutor/Trainer. Sherry earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Illinois State University, and her Advanced Trainer Certification from Orton-Gillingham.

Brad Williams

Brad Williams is the senior member of our Curriculum Development Staff, and a Certified Trainer.  Brad serves as a School Counselor at Cramer Junior High in Essexville and has more than 18 years’ experience as a General and Special Education Teacher.  Brad is also the Author of several children’s books.  He earned his master’s degree in counseling at Central Michigan University, and his bachelor’s degree in general and special education at Michigan State University.