About Us

About Us

Please allow us to introduce our CCI Team and tell you a little about who we are. Our trainers are knowledgeable and passionate about training teachers to engage all learners and successfully teach structured language in the classroom.


We are focused on Unlocking Children’s Unlimited Potential Through Reading. We believe the key is to train teachers in multi-sensory, structured, sequential language.

Unlimited Potential

“When children learn how language is structured, they can read anything!” ~ Nancy Williams, Director, Children’s Choice Initiative.

Through Reading

The key to elevating standardized testing results is to raise literacy rates first. Children’s Choice Initiative offers this key to you!

Our Story

Our story begins and ends with changing children's lives through reading.

Our Story Continues

Join Our Story as we partner with Districts throughout Michigan!
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Our CCI team traces its roots to a fantastic program teaching reading to children diagnosed with dyslexia. The Children’s Dyslexia Center, a program sponsored by the Scottish Rite Masons, has an amazing track record as they continue to change lives through multi-sensory, structured and sequential reading instruction. Year after year, results show students graduating from the program reading at or well above grade level 92.4% of the time!

Our passion is to reverse declining literacy rates in Michigan and move our state from 48th in the nation to number one! The success of our story is told through the lives of children who now have a much greater opportunity to succeed in life because of increased reading skills. Yet, this story is far from completion. With every new Michigan school district that becomes part of our growing family, we are adding another successful chapter to this epic tale of changing lives and improving rates of literacy across the state!