Unlocking Children's Unlimited Potential Through Reading

Your tax-deductible donation to Children’s Choice Initiative, Inc. will help us to train reading teachers who will, in turn, help more children to succeed in school, in work, and in their communities.


Our Goals

School Districts

To reach all 56 Intermediate School Districts in Michigan with Structured Language Instruction.

K-5 Teachers

To train 57,000 K-5 teachers in Michigan with the best available and most effective methods to engage all learners.

Top 10 in 10

To move from 48th in the nation to the Top Ten in Reading Proficiency in ten years.

Every Child Reading

To see all 546,000 K-5 students gain the confidence in reading to spread to all others facets of their learning.

Changing Children's Lives...

Children’s Choice Initiative is all about changing children’s lives through literacy.  When you donate to Children’s Choice Initiative, you are helping to create brighter futures for the children impacted by those teachers that we have had the privilege of training.

Children's Choice Initiative

Parents-Teachers Say

“This program is hands down, one of the very best there is!”

Stephanie Mumaugh

“I am very excited to see such growth in my students far beyond what I have seen in previous years.”

Stacey Turner

Donate Today, and begin the Change…

Children’s Choice Initiative Inc.  is a tax-exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Donations to Children’s Choice Initiative Inc.  are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, and no goods or services have been or will be exchanged in consideration of this gift.