Education requires both a knowledgeable instructor...

and a willing learner

The things we do best

Train Reading Teachers

We train teachers to teach structured language, and once children realize how language is structured . . . they can read anything.

Inspire Kids to Read!

There is no greater reward than to see the eyes of children light up when they understand how their brain works to decode language in a way that makes sense to them.

Give Hope to Parents!

Parents are seeing a resounding difference in their child’s reading abilities. This newly found interest translates into confidence today and hope for a brighter future!

Elevate Reading Scores

Wherever the Children’s Choice Initiative Curriculum is being used with fidelity, we have seen remarkable elevations in reading scores which has translated to proven success across all content areas!

we need you

Parents are the very first inspiration for children to become willing learners. As we continue to partner with parents endorsing the need for multi-sensory, structured, and sequential language instruction, we create the momentum needed to change lives and transform the state of Michigan and beyond!