Our goal at Children’s Choice Initiative is simple.  It is to work together with MDE through a grant provided for Early Childhood Literacy, to train teachers in all 587 school districts in Michigan to teach structured language.  “To Unlock Children’s Unlimited Potential Through Reading!”

What can Children’s Choice Initiative provide for your District.

  • We can provide Group Training Sessions, where your teachers will receive comprehensive training in multi-sensory, structured, sequential language instruction.
  • We can provide certifications for all teachers who choose to enroll in our certification program. These certifications will be delivered through a University Partnership.
  • We can provide all the resources necessary to deliver this structured language model for teaching reading in a classroom setting, including access to our Data Warehouse Hub.  The Date Warehouse Hub will give you 24/7 access to all of our training resources, printed materials, curriculum binders, and training videos.
  • We can provide ongoing assessments through continued education training session and observations, both in the classroom and one on one.
  • We can provide a portal through our website where you can connect with Mentors, Trainers, and other Educators and receive ongoing real time support.
  • We can provide access to updated training resources for individual teachers, as well as video training sessions for those seeking more advanced certifications and continuing education.

  • We can provide a very reasonable expectation of increased Standardized Test scores and a comprehensive plan to help limit the number of children being required to retake Grade 3, due to insufficient ELA scores.

Steve Keskes, Assistant Superintendent, Clio Public Schools

“This is our first year participating in Children’s Choice Initiative structured reading program, and the results have already far surpassed our expectations.  I highly recommend The Children’s Choice Initiative as an extremely effective training resource.  Their ongoing support has also been very helpful.  

Excellent Program

Children’s Choice Initiative offers over 19 years of experience in multi-sensory, structured, sequential language instruction.  What we have been able to do is take these proven methods that have traditionally been administered in a one on one setting, and develop a delivery system that works in a classroom setting.

Our trainers at Children’s Choice Initiative have trained dozens of teachers in these methods of structured language, and have been able to achieve a 92.4% success rate in taking a child who is below their reading grade level, and bringing them to meet or exceed their proper reading grade level.

Next Steps…

Join Clio Public Schools in elevating their Districts reading levels, by utilizing Children’s Choice Initiative as your training resource.