Teaching children to read in a multi-sensory, sequential, and systematic manner unlocks the unlimited potential in children.  All children deserve the chance to learn, but not all children learn at the same rate, or in the same manner.  At Children's Choice Initiative, we assist teachers to teach structured reading.  This is not just one more change in curriculum, this is a change in method, and a change in results.  Teachers are finding a new sense of purpose as they witness the results.


Training and certifying teachers in the methods of Orton-Gillingham Multi-Sensory structured Reading is what we specialize in.  "When children learn how language is structured... They can read anything", says Nancy Williams, Director of Children's Choice Initiative.  Our methods of training have a proven track record, and a 92.4% success rate in bringing children to meet or exceed their proper reading grade level.  It's amazing!


Each teacher is given a full bag of training and classroom materials which includes all of our Concept and Flash Card Systems as well as access to our Orton-Gillingham training folder through Google Drive.  From this resource you will also have access to all of our training videos, which clearly demonstrate all aspects of this teaching method.  Every Trainee is provided with the proper tools in order  to successfully implement this multi-sensory reading program in their classrooms.

Stephen Keskes Testimonial

Stephen Keskes, Assistant Superintendant, Clio Public Schools...

"We are just eight weeks into our new structured reading program, and the results have already far surpassed our expectations.  I highly recommend The Children's Choice Initiative as an extremely effective training resource.  Their ongoing support has also been very helpful."

Once you see a child's eyes light up...

"Many teachers, including myself, go into teaching with the hope of teaching students to get it.  The first time you see the eyes of a child light up...because they get it, you're hooked.  This happens on a regular basis while using this method of structured reading." - Nancy Williams, Director, Children's Choice Initiative.

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"The giving of a gift is a true act of kindness, and is most appreciated when received by one who lacks it.  Giving the gift of reading to those who lack it, is one of the greatest acts of kindness we could ever express!" - Kurt Cormier, Board of Directors, Children's Choice Initiative